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  • Testing the change to mb.el by @hjertnes.

  • Is it weird that not wanting the latest thing from Apple is grounds for incredulity and criticism?

  • The new Polaroid SX-70 film is expensive, finicky, and lacking in image quality. The camera itself, from 1974, is quirky, slow, and delicate. But I love it all so much. Every print is a little treasure.

  • I like miniflux for RSS and I see v2 is a rewrite in Go. This is cool, but I also see that v2 no longer supports SQLite, only PostgreSQL and I don’t want to fart around with that. SQlite is plenty for a simple RSS reader. Oh well.

  • I didn’t have the best luck with the original R5 Monobath but I’m willing to give the updated formula (FF No.1) a try the-famous-large-small-format-photography-co.myshopify.com/collectio…

  • Here’s a Polaroid I took just to confuse my future self.

  • Cellar Days at Founders (left to right):

    1. Barrel-aged Devil Dancer
    2. Barrel-aged City IPA
    3. Tank Bender
    4. CBS

    High-alcohol content lunches are the best!

  • I just wanted to remind everyone that the internet, though flawed and seemingly under siege, is pretty darn great. All of the things we used to do we can still do. It’s just that a lower percentage of people notice.

  • Is there really still no way to search emojis on iOS? It’s faster for me to drop the phone and walk to the nearest computer when I need to find just the right one.

  • Ursula K. Le Guin has died. I’ll be reading this one next. 📚

  • I skipped meditation for a few days and I shouldn’t do that. Tonight I barely slogged through 20 minutes. Mind was all over the place. I guess that’s why they call it “practice”.

  • I’ve taken to cutting out semi-random bits from The Economist and adding them to the day’s Hobonichi page. Adds a bit if interest today that will probably confuse the hell out of me years from now.

  • On Micro Monday, I’m recommending @hjertnes. (Yes, he did the same for me today, but this isn’t just a follow-back, I promise!) He posts good stuff nearly every day around photography, tech, emacs, etc.

  • I’ve been saving articles to Evernote again recently and have yet to go look at any of them so I feel safe saying I still don’t need Evernote.

  • My formula for surviving social media is to follow people who want to like things rather than those who dislike everything by default.

  • 1.5 hours with an Apple Genius yesterday and we just ended up wiping the drive and reinstalling OS. Restoring from Time Machine dies after a few minutes. Doing things by hand instead, but I don’t trust the machine at all now.

  • Oh goody my MBP kernel panics and reboots repeatedly alluvasudden

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