Thank you, social media, for teaching me what I should be outraged about today. I spent a few hours earlier just calmly living my life but you’ve made quick work of clearing things up after 30 seconds in “trending”. Now I’m appropriately angry/distressed again, so, job well done!

Vim clutch to make Vim even faster

(Of course you don’t need a clutch in Emacs, you can just hit C-x C-t C-c r s i or M-x invoke-clutch) 🤪

After spending 2 weeks with the trainers, Alice is back!

I’m in the middle of a second listen to Nick Cave’s new record “Ghosteen” and it is the saddest, most beautiful thing.

Add Tasks to our TiddlyWiki Page is a step-by-step demo showing why TiddlyWiki is so handy and flexible.

…the Internet is an amoral force that reduces friction, not an inevitable force for good

– Ben Thompson, Stratechery.

I have an exercise bike, so I don’t go to Spin classes, but I enjoyed this: I was an ex-wife. Time to become a hot ex-wife’: how I found myself at Spin class

Just finished dismissing all of the notification alerts after upgrading my MBP to Catalina and now I need a nap and a massage. My Watch says I closed my Annoyance ring early today!

Week 2 of training started today for Alice. Just look at her sit there in front of Target with loads of distractions nearby! I can’t wait for her to come home on Thursday.

It’s nice being able to print again

It makes me sad that we have a need for Twitter “thread readers”. Maybe “unroll” things in your head first, post a nice article to your blog, then tweet a link to it.

Me (morning): I gotta get away from all this surveillance craziness!

Me (later that day): ::installs Gyroscope on iPhone:: … Cool!

I’ll be limited to 8x10” prints from 35mm negatives and in a bathroom but it’s a start.

Some look forward to a new novel by their favorite author. I, on the other hand, eagerly await the next set of release notes for BBEdit. Riveting! :)

Roughing it at MSU tailgate

A Polaroid of me reading “Instant: The Story of Polaroid”

140 pages on have been updated in the last 24 hours. That’s about 138 more than average. I suppose someone will notice that the server is down, then.

Our website in 1996

Built with…

An early thing for me was a Fargo-driven blog I called “Snippets”. I still miss Fargo and that theme/layout.

Signs of life for

Paper Your Way to the Top with Tips from Journalist David Sax

It’s very easy for people to have incredibly strong opinions about magazine articles they have not read. – Chuck Klosterman

Terrific interview

Tornado sirens oh goody

Stoicism is the new David Foster Wallace


Nadia Eghbal

Continuous Publishing by James Yu. Yep! It’s how my wiki is supposed to work and it’s why I named it Rudimentary Lathe