Heading outside with my favorite camera and a roll of Tri-X.

With apologies to the neighbors…

Instead of more whining about the internet being down…

Trying to select text on the iPad is like trying to tie a ribbon around a fish.

Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

I loath editing text on the iPad for this reason.

I will always spell “publicly” as “publically”. I can’t help it.

I try to post at least one photo from each roll, but this last one was a bit of a mess. Anyway, here’s the SM9, standing by, on my bookshelf. (Leica M6. Tri-X, HC-110 Dilution B).

I name my folders of scanned film rolls like this: YYYY-Roll-000. With that 3-digit numeric counter, I’m good right up to 999 rolls per year. I just scanned and filed 2019-Roll-001 and we’re in February. I think I’ll be safe.

I’m not going to have a real darkroom ready until sometime in the spring, so I put enough pieces together to at least let me develop film in the bathroom.

I hadn’t seen the nice introductory video about how Blot works. If you’ve ever remotely considered using blot, this could push you over the edge. //@Blot

I don’t understand Emacs Lisp. At all. This is going to take me forever.