I own a small amount of Bitcoin and friends but I’d happily lose it all if it meant I wouldn’t have to listen to the crypto wonks yelling “I told you so!” every time the price goes up for a minute.

A new digital back for the Hasselblad V-series. Want! copingmechanism.com/2019/hass…

Thinking about Instagram. Don’t hate me. copingmechanism.com/2019/what…

Her incision has become infected so she has to wear the cone of shame. She is not thrilled.

My parents’ living room is pretty high-tech.

I notice there’s been a few nice tweaks to the @Blot control panel recently. It just keeps getting better.

I spent the weekend improving (aka “complicating”) my photo processing workflow and now I’m having second thoughts. Why can’t I just use Lightroom CC and be done with it? Oh, right.

Tinkering with the Eleventy SSG for no particular reason

Royal Republic’s Club Majesty is a cartoon rock-n-roll disco blast. It makes me feel good. www.youtube.com/watch

Liking things by default rather than disliking everything by default is life-changing.