I’ve settled in to a decent mix of Emacs, Roam, Tinderbox, and Drafts. But will it last?

Hasselblad’s 907X with CFV II 50C back is finally available for order and now I’m looking around for even more stuff to sell. www.hasselblad.com/cfv-ii-50… I just want the back, but still. Damn.

Based on the commercial, I’d have bought one even if I didn’t need a ladder. youtu.be/RI2BnJ3W1…

I’m going to hate to see this lens go, but I need to dig myself out of the Leica hole I find myself in. If you know a Fuji person who wants a fantastic portrait lens, let me know. galleries.baty.net

Can someone nudge the weather thingy? I think it’s stuck.

Well that’s certainly optimistic of me

While going through my RSS feeds I ran into a post by someone who feels exactly how I do about something. I thought, “Cool!”. Then I realized I was reading a post from my own site.

My creative output is inversely proportional to the complexity of my process

The entire world is constantly trying to upsell me something and it’s exhausting.

I’m selling the Leica Q. Anyone looking for a superbly-built full-frame Leica with a 28mm Summilux 1.7 attached?

A dumb thing I do is purchase the annual plan for new software subscriptions, to save money, then stop using the app after like 3 months.

A couple weeks into Big Sur and now whenever I use a Mac running Catalina it looks… old, somehow. Huh, didn’t expect that.

Derek Sivers changed is site’s domain from sivers.org to sive.rs and I don’t approve. Not that he asked me :). As long as he never has to tell people his domain verbally it’ll be fine. “Go to sivers dot org” is much better than “Go to ess eye vee ee dot arr ess”

On the desktop, anyway, I can’t fathom why anyone would prefer looking at photos on Instagram when they could look at them on Flickr.

I have some very nice Fuji digital gear for sale, including an X-T3, X-Pro2, and great lenses. Selling it is painful, but necessary. Contact me if interested.

Just a periodic reminder that Micro.blog remains my favorite place to hang out online. Thank you to everyone involved.

50 years of innovation. Leica is not a speedy company.

My good friend Wayne passed away a few years ago. He was one day younger than me and his 56th birthday would have been July 27th. This photo is of he and I with some new friends during Spring Break week in Fort Lauderdale, 1985.

Yawn. (Also, needs a brushin’)

Add Logseq to the list of Roam-alikes: “A local-only, non-linear outliner for organizing your personal knowledge base. Support syncs with Github. Logseq supports plain Markdown or Org mode”.

But but what if it turns out that I don’t need backlinks?! 😳

Whenever I need to be reminded why I like shooting film, I just spend some time in the darkroom.

What I’d like to try is Bear but with each note as an outliner rather than markdown editor.

I’ve re-enabled cross-posting from Micro.blog to Twitter. Who cares? Everyone just scrolls by at 90mph anyway. I doubt anyone will notice.

My wife got me an Ember mug for my birthday. I didn’t even know I needed one but I needed one. Works great and I love it already. Put one in the Win column for smart devices I guess.