• Ulysses 22 beta

    One of the tentpole features of the upcoming Ulysses 22 is support for posting directly to micro.blog. This is terrific and I’m using it now.

    The other feature that caught my eye was that one can now update WordPress posts as well as create new posts. This was a dealbreaker for me because I’m always editing my posts after the fact and having to go immediately from Ulysses to the WordPress control panel made the whole enterprise not worth the trouble.

    But now. Hmmm. And I wonder if I can edit already-published Micro.blog posts as well.

  • Well, I can’t not try every text editor I learn about: www.baty.blog/2021/oniv…

  • What I really want is a modern modal editor geared toward writing prose/documents rather than code. I’ve spent many many hours trying to bend Emacs in that direction and have failed. Something like Onivim but for writing. www.onivim.io

  • I ranted this morning about what I consider unnecessary images in blog posts. It rang familiar because I’d done it back in 2018 as well: archive.baty.net/2018/mayb… Fewer people agree with me today than did then.

  • Is “Super Follow” per tweet? I can’t think of a single thing with fewer than 280 characters that I’d pay for. Can I just pay $5/mo for no ads or retweets?

  • I like Substack but confirmed with them that there’s no way to not include tracking pixels in the newsletters I send, but “thanks for the request”. For now I’m going to continue using Substack and I’ll feel bad about the tracking thing. One day I’ll find a better answer.

  • I Was In Charge of the Deck Chairs On the Titanic, and They Absolutely Did Need Rearranging - McSweeney’s


    Did the chairs I so lovingly arranged ever sink beneath the weight of a wealthy, silk-clad bottom? No, they sank beneath the North Atlantic, but that’s hardly the point. The point is, I did my duty to the best of my ability and froze to death with a satisfied heart.

  • I grumbled at the price of the CalDigit, but I now know why it’s so highly-regarded. It’s awesome. Fast SD card, Analog audio (and Roon endpoint), Thunderbolt. 15 ports in total using just a single port of the Mac Mini. Zero USB-related issues so far.

  • I won’t apologize.

  • Please go back to putting always-visible borders around your search fields, thanks.

  • Leica bravely makes cameras with black & white only sensors and I finally have one.

  • Supertramp seems like one of those bands I’d tire of after 30 or 40 years, but I never do.

  • I don’t know if Configuration Fatigue is a real thing but I seem to be suffering from it.

  • The Grovemade desk shelf came and it’s awesome. I’ll probably move things around a bit, and hopefully find a nicer lamp, but this is a really nice setup.

  • I’m tired. Why? I think it’s from configuring things.

  • I’m not sure the “Follow My Delivery” UPS map is good for me. I just keep hitting reload and yelling, “Turn left! No! LEFT!!”

  • Instagram Stories are a borderline-painful assault on the senses, an affront to good taste, and I’m not going to look at them anymore.

  • Most YouTube videos would be improved by shortening them by at least 30%.

  • Tim Ferriss Is No Longer Living the Tim Ferriss Lifestyle. Neither Should You - Inc Magazine

    Reading makes me happy. That’s my goal. Which means my reading “process” doesn’t need to be optimized. In fact, “optimizing” it would probably reduce the fun.

    I’m feeling it. A trend?

  • Leitz Focomat v35 Enlarger. If I were to stop shooting 35mm film, something I’m considering, I’d miss this enlarger terribly.

  • Something made me think of this record, today.

  • It’s just not the same, somehow.

  • Very happy with HomeChef tonight. Scallops are my favorite.

  • I often think about the Synology sitting upstairs, waiting to fail in some way. I dread these thoughts enough that I’m considering replacing the whole thing with a big (relatively) simple RAID setup of some sort instead. No “apps”. Crazy?

  • I published The Lathe #5 this morning so I guess the newsletter thing is still happening.

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