Still my favorite film

My Leica M6 is (based on the serial number) one of the last 10 produced (1998). It has an upgraded “MP” rangefinder and only 28, 35, and 50mm framelines. It’s perfect and I love it.

The thing I’ve noticed when using Linux is the sense of agency it gives me. I’ve never really noticed it until the last couple of macOS releases started taking control away.

I’m once again thinking about building a desktop workstation running Linux because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whenever I receive my “Monthly TextExpander Report” I’m reminded that I’m paying a subscription for a snippet expansion utility.

Look what we found in the office basement. So much for productivity.

Lunch at Founders. Watching Ghostbusters is way better than watching sports.

I am once again feeling like I don’t want to use any software other than Emacs, a file manager, and a web browser. (And no, I don’t want to use Emacs as a file manager and web browser. Yet).

This is what the last frame looked like before the shutter came apart. Ah, film.

Well, the shutter just came apart on my M4. That cheap-ass Leica only lasted 53 years! 😆. The good news is that for around $300 I can have it fixed, CLA’d, and, with any luck, use it for another 50.

CIP (for “Camera Identification Photo”, my new term) from latest roll of T-MAX P3200. So much grain!

Finished up a roll of T-MAX 3200. Not even all that grain can detract from her cuteness.

(Nikon F3. T-MAX P3200 @3200. HC-110)

The gamification of StackOverflow is out of control

Has StackOverflow Become An Antipattern?.

This existed. Someone made this in 1934. What have we been doing since?

I’ve been unable to save or open files to the Desktop folder in Emacs since upgrading to Catalina. I knew it was some new permissions thing, but where’s the dialog when you need one? Turns out I had to grant full-disk access to /usr/bin/ruby.

Totally obvious, right?

I know, I’ll buy an old 11” MacBook Air and use the new mac to mac mode in Luna Display to turn the Air into an external display for the horrible 2016 MBP. I’ll just have to carry 2 laptops, but they’re wafer thin, right? 😏

I couldn’t stay away, so I installed Manjaro Gnome edition on the ThinkPad this weekend and it’s…not been horrible. Trackpad hasn’t acted up, I have sound, and most things make sense. It’s just me, Emacs, a file browser, terminal, and web browser.

Dialog policy… If it’s in my browser, “Deny”. If it’s on my Mac, “Allow”. I don’t even read them anymore.

This new bag that came with the MK1 negative holder from Negative Supply fits in quite well with the decor.

After a few quick test “scans”, this setup looks to be a game changer for me. I can finally imagine a world without scanners, and more importantly, without scanner software.

Thank you, social media, for teaching me what I should be outraged about today. I spent a few hours earlier just calmly living my life but you’ve made quick work of clearing things up after 30 seconds in “trending”. Now I’m appropriately angry/distressed again, so, job well done!

Vim clutch to make Vim even faster

(Of course you don’t need a clutch in Emacs, you can just hit C-x C-t C-c r s i or M-x invoke-clutch) 🤪

After spending 2 weeks with the trainers, Alice is back!

I’m in the middle of a second listen to Nick Cave’s new record “Ghosteen” and it is the saddest, most beautiful thing.

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