I’ve spent just enough time learning stock Emacs key bindings that now I’m equally inept in both Emacs and Evil modes.

Founders had Lizard of Koz “Deep Cut” on tap today and it was deeeelicious.

Two weeks with a home-rolled Emacs config and stock Emacs keybindings and I’m not sure it’s going to stick. I’m getting comfortable but everything also feels slower and more convoluted. Thinking about digging out the crutch

An early “database-driven” e-commerce site I built was done in ColdFusion against a Microsoft Access DB. Everyone (and I mean everyone) said not to use Access but I did and it ran flawlessly for 2 years under pretty high (at the time) traffic. Sometimes just ignore people.

Oh no, another writing app: Strike (iTunes link since the website appears to be missing)

Think I’ll work from home today

Me: Buys or otherwise arranges everything I need in order to do that thing I want to do

Also Me: Doesn’t do that thing

Derek Sivers: Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals

The response by the Roon CTO to a question about “Roon Radio” makes me believe the Roon team really does just want to improve the experience of discovering and listening to music

I received an email today from sphygmus letting me know she had written me a note on her wiki. Communicating via wiki is a thing.