I haven’t made a Micro Monday recommendation in a while, but I enjoy having @hollyhoneychurch around and I think you will too. “Skipping is fun. Skipping could be the answer to something big.”

I love cheesecake

I still listen to Nu metal shut up.

“We Ride a Dune Scooter, 1955” by Richard Baty. Home movie by my grandfather youtu.be/bUKZPWCES…


I’ve got a half-dozen boxes of Polaroid i-Type film that isn’t getting any younger. Gotta use it up somehow.

I carefully curate my Twitter feed but even so, after 10 minutes of catching up I’m angry and frustrated and discouraged and I just want to unplug everything.

I’m ready for skeuomorphism to make a comeback

I should probably trim this before it falls right over.

Another thing I don’t do: Write blog comments pointing out trivial typos in the post. If a typo breaks something, then maybe. Otherwise, nope. On the other hand, I’ve emailed the authors privately a number of times :).