“Old shit is better” – Jason Lee

Updated the ox-hugo config now that I’m posting to baty.net again for some reason: www.baty.net/2020/upda…

Still happy with the modus operandi Emacs theme. High-contrast, low-noise.

Accessible themes for GNU Emacs, conforming with the highest accessibility standard for colour contrast between background and foreground values

The build outages appear to be related to a failure in a third party network provider (which is involved in the downloading of node versions and installation of node modules).

I’m telling you, dependencies are the devil.

My least favorite change in Big Sur.

I need to look everything up in Emacs. e.g. how to respect visual line mode in Doom Emacs

The fact that Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) is getting mostly, uh, excellent reviews, gives me hope.

I feel bad about neglecting my tools www.baty.net/2020/negl…

I still listen to this record and you just be quiet and go judge someone else :).

I think I’d enjoy working for Internet Archive. www.baty.net/2020/an-a…

I spent 30 minutes trying Muse — your tool for thought on the iPad and I think they’re on to something.

Beside myself (1983). Remember when clever photo tricks had to be done in camera? Cover half the lens, shoot. Cover the other half. Rewind film. Switch chairs. Shoot again. I had fun, when it worked.

This is the view from the side door of the office. How does any work get done around here?

I rarely move, and I never shake.

I love “Ted Lasso”. Binged the first 4 episodes and couldn’t be happier. It’s good to find a show made up of generally nice people.

Did I mention that I slipped on a banana peel earlier this week? No? Well, I did. Really. An actual banana peel. I’m a cartoon.

The album title in the US is “Hell Bent for Leather”, which I like better. Either way, it’s a favorite. I still prefer low-voiced Rob Halford to the later high-voiced Rob Halford.

My desktop clutter was getting out of control. Now it’s not. Sooo calm.

One of my favorite things about using HEY! for email is that I don’t have to decide which mail client to use. In fact I can’t decide. There’s no choice. I thought this would be a drawback but it’s saving me a lot of anxiety.

Today I opened a Tinderbox document from 2005 and the Map views gave me immediate context and the outlines showed history and tasks. I seem to be more effective using tools having a visual/spacial component.

I love how she sits

Typically before one goes through the trouble of making a portrait using a large format camera, one would pick an outfit, comb one’s hair, and choose a decent background. I did none of those things.

I finally took the big camera out today. It was only a couple of quick selfies in the yard, but still. I hardly even care if they turn out. I’m just happy to have gotten off my butt to shoot some sheet film.

Did a workout on the Great Wall today. Sort of. Day 3 with Supernatural on the Oculus. Never thought I’d sweat so much playing a video game. I never stick with anything but the odds go up when it’s fun.

I would trade my big iPad Pro for a modern 11-inch MacBook Air in a heartbeat.