Oh great, Cloudron just added the interesting Grav “flat-file” CMS as an app. That means I’m only one click away from trying yet another CMS.

Installing Mojave on a 2012 MacBook Air takes a while.

Alice just isn’t into having her photo taken. She’s still cute, though.

4x5 Self-portrait (2020)

Killing time on a Sunday. It’s tricky making selfies with the big camera. Also hair and dust. Crown Graphic 4x5, HP5+ in HC-110.

Mirror selfie. Camera Identification Photo.

I’ve settled on HC-110 for developing my black and white negatives. Easy to mix and lasts forever in concentrate. I also prefer putting chemicals in special bottles because it looks cool :)

Software becomes “bloated” the minute it includes a feature I don’t need.

I get to have lunch with these two knuckleheads at Founders at least once a week.

(Leica M3. 50mm Summicron. Tri-X @800)

“Affordances are not clutter.” – John Gruber.

Is there a “system” I haven’t tried? This is the Chronodex from 2013. It was neat, but not for me.

I put this giant notebook to use as a “Media Log”. I write the title and year of every movie I watch and book I read in here. No ratings or anything. It may not be terribly useful, but I think it’s neat.

(Train, 2010)

Ok, fine, I won’t.

Loading a new roll is my second favorite part

My Cloudron instance emailed me and let me know my blog (Ghost) ran out of memory so it restarted it for me and I might want to allocate more. It also upgraded 2 other apps overnight automatically. I’m thinking the $30/month is turning out to be worth it.

The whole concept is not merely inconsistent, it’s incoherent

Gruber, on Multi-tasking on the iPad

I’ve been using Tumblr for micro-blogging the past few weeks. I like how Tumblr handles various post types and how it shares so easily/nicely with Micro.blog. But, it stresses me out just visiting Tumblr when all I want to do is post something. Back to using Micro.blog!

What, why? Was I getting too comfortable with my own Emacs config or something?

I LOVE year-end lists. Can’t get enough of ‘em.

My Roam graph after a couple of weeks.

Finally dug out the film dryer. Cuts my drying time from 2 hours to just 15 minutes. I should probably mount it somewhere.

Flickr could really use more people paying for Pro accounts. Flickr remains the best photo sharing site anywhere. Sign up! Here’s 25% off a Pro membership. www.flickr.com/account/u…

“Arbitrary Datalog queries over the Roam instance”

Cool! roamresearch.com

brew install clojure

Too many companies seem to think that a redesign of their control panel only requires making everything bigger and adding too much whitespace.

If the only thing your site is good at is SEO optimization I hate you.