I don’t care about posterity. I won’t be there anyway

Werner Herzog

Herzog’s the best.

I don’t enjoy Instagram stories nearly as much now that everyone plasters stickers and shit all over them.

I think she’s bored this morning

Met Steve today

The internet is exhausting my good humor, so this is the phone I’m bringing with me today.

I don’t rely on Apple Photos but I do use it. It’s been like this for a week. Tried all the usual fixes. Sigh.

By all means, whenever you don’t have a thoughtful response to someone, simply insult them based on whichever generation they happen to fall into.

FFS now half of the posts on a Twitter thread are “unroll” posts for that very thread.

I’d like to see more websites like the one by Jeff Bridges

This barely even looked like a hamburger. Maybe that’s why it was called the “Meat Tornado”.

Stella’s Lounge for lunch today. It’s just so inviting!

The urge to set up a decent Linux machine (either desktop or laptop) has not abated.

This is way better than passing a phone around.

I admire people with reasonable attention spans.

I just recently started trying it, but so far org-ql is kind of amazing for Org mode searches.

Castlemacs is a simple Emacs config starter that has some nice defaults. I’ve merged it with my config and am giving it a spin.

There’ll be none of that “Netflix and chill” nonsense at dad’s house.

My dad set up the 8mm projector and a makeshift screen. Here’s my sister watching herself as a baby.

Alice rarely poses nicely for me, but she made an exception today with Jess and Brandon.

Trying something. I now have more input devices than I have hands.

Michael Tsai

I prefer the old strategy where Apple makes its money from hardware, so it’s free to design the software to do the right thing.

Me too.

I’m not a gun person, but the story behind this negative is fascinating.

The entire image is done in camera on one piece of film with no computer software or manipulation

My grandfather’s footage from Halloween in1948 is terrifying.


Seems like every time I find a cool new blog and add it to my RSS reader, they stop posting shortly thereafter.

“content creators”