Own Your Second Brain: Set Up org-roam on Your Own Machine looks like it could be useful when getting into Emacs and Org-roam.

We brought Alice home from the rescue org a year ago today. We have yet to inform her that she is not a lap dog.

I often consider completely wiping my online presence but I worry that by doing so I’ll disappear in real life, too.

It seems I can only work in one of two ways with Emacs: I either live in Emacs or I live without Emacs. I can’t find a sustained balance between all or nothing.

Five pinned tabs plus five open tabs, max.

It always surprises me how quickly the yak’s hair grows back.

I almost posted this photo with an “Analog” tag. Maybe “Vintage” would have been better? Still, I tend to consider anything not streaming as analog lately. It’s not, but still.

The SM3 is so much cooler than the SM9 but if I’m honest, I prefer actually typing on the SM9. I think it’s basket vs carriage shift that makes the difference.

The Olympia SM9 is now cleaned up too.

Hayley Williams is new to me. Where have I been? This is a good record.

I’d forgotten how weird Jack White’s Lazaretto vinyl was so it took me a minute to realize that side A plays from the inside out. There’s a bunch of other crazy features too.

Got a little workbench for tinkering on.

All set for now, thanks.

It’s a little thing, but I look forward to reviewing a few highlights via Readwise each day. I’m 80 days in.

I make no excuses. I love “The Fifth Element”. It’s so weird and unique and fun. Chris Tucker ruined it for me the first time, but I’ve even come to appreciate his role. Milla is perfect. I named a dog Leeloo. I could watch the opera scene a thousand times.

Always good to see a new Christopher Moore Novel… Shakespeare for Squirrels

Same thing applies for every conspiracy theory.

I keep a JOBO in the bathtub. I’m fortunate that my very patient wife lets me get away with things like this.

Just look at the instructions for syncing audio on one of my grandpa’s movie club films. Things were harder back then.

::narrows eyes::