I’ll probably install the iOS developer beta on my iPad Pro because I won’t miss it that much if something goes pear-shaped.

Founders Mas Agave is weird and delicious.

Is there a social network I can join on which people don’t spent the entire time complaining about social networks?

When I want to use a computer but not really I have an iPad Pro

Audrey Eschright - Uses This

I am always either actively using Org-mode for everything or on the verge of going back to actively using Org-mode for everything

When the dog photobombs a Facetime call

Dreaming of new cameras again: I want a Hasselblad 203FE but I don’t need one

I don’t use Drafts on iOS because I don’t really¬†_use_¬†iOS. I am however, getting the hang of it on macOS and it doesn’t even do the thing it’s famous for there yet. Seems like a good sign.

For many companies, domain renewal might be the most important administrative task there is.

I’d love to see Bokeh funded. You have 12 more days to back it, but don’t wait until the last minute.