we’ve designed Cloudflare to treat any personally identifiable information that passes through our network as toxic and get it off as quickly as we can, so we can legitimately say we don’t have it

– Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince

I’m fine with both Instax and Polaroid instant film. This one is new Polaroid from the SX-70.

Aww, the Letter Writers Alliance is shutting down. I joined in 2012 and it inspired me to, well, write more letters.

I always take a mirror selfie somewhere on each roll so I remember which camera it was shot with.

These don’t belong on a shelf

(Canon EOS-1v. Portra 400)

Caution, Fire is Hot.

(Canon EOS-1v. Portra 400. Noritsu scan)

Moved my emacs config into a “literate” org file today. Now at least it’s organized spaghetti.

I was given a new coffee mug. It helps me get through the nightmare that is the daily paper.

Fuji makes an X100T and an X-T100. Maybe this shouldn’t bother me but it does.

I love the look of color film. It’s simple and subtle.

(Hasselblad 500C/M. 80mm Planar. Portra 400. Processed/scanned by The Darkroom Photo Lab. Unretouched.)