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Leica bravely makes cameras with black & white only sensors and I finally have one.

Supertramp seems like one of those bands I’d tire of after 30 or 40 years, but I never do.

I don’t know if Configuration Fatigue is a real thing but I seem to be suffering from it.

The Grovemade desk shelf came and it’s awesome. I’ll probably move things around a bit, and hopefully find a nicer lamp, but this is a really nice setup.

I’m tired. Why? I think it’s from configuring things.

I’m not sure the “Follow My Delivery” UPS map is good for me. I just keep hitting reload and yelling, “Turn left! No! LEFT!!”

Instagram Stories are a borderline-painful assault on the senses, an affront to good taste, and I’m not going to look at them anymore.

Most YouTube videos would be improved by shortening them by at least 30%.

Configuration Fatigue

Why am I so tired? I think it’s from spending so much time and energy configuring things.

I spent 2 hours yesterday trying some new visual config changes to Emacs for no good reason. Because micro-managing font faces is important! I’m not even supposed to be using Emacs, for crying out loud.

Then I farted with my TiddlyWiki for a while because I couldn’t decide if I wanted a sidebar visible or not and how should backlinks look, anyway?

After spending a week committing to using Lightroom Classic for everything related to my photography workflow, I ditched it entirely and have been setting up Capture One Pro and Photo Mechanic, which is what I used for a long time and had the whole workflow basically nailed. Now I’ve gotta start over. Again.

I have external hard drives, a Synology, and Backblaze for storage. You think I can come up with a decent, stable storage and backup setup? I can! But then I decide to configure it differently the next day because what if?

My Hugo-based blog at was breaking during builds for no reason I could find. I thought I’d try updating the theme but I’d forgotten how because I had recently reconfigured things to use Hugo modules instead of Git submodules. I just want to write and post something. Is that too much to ask?

I recently replaced my MacBook Pro and iMac with M1 versions of the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. I started from scratch with both, and it’s been weeks of configuration and I’m still not done.

Sometimes I think of all this configuration as just having fun tinkering with computer stuff. I’ve loved tinkering for as long as I can remember. Lately, though, spending time configuring things feels too much like work; like a crippling distraction rather than a fun diversion.

You’ll note that I’m posting this to my blog. Why? Because it’s easier and there’s really nothing to configure and right now that is a welcome change. And I still haven’t fixed Hugo.

Maybe it’s actually “Decision Fatigue”.

Tim Ferriss Is No Longer Living the Tim Ferriss Lifestyle. Neither Should You - Inc Magazine

Reading makes me happy. That’s my goal. Which means my reading “process” doesn’t need to be optimized. In fact, “optimizing” it would probably reduce the fun.

I’m feeling it. A trend?

Leitz Focomat v35 Enlarger. If I were to stop shooting 35mm film, something I’m considering, I’d miss this enlarger terribly.

Something made me think of this record, today.

It’s just not the same, somehow.

Very happy with HomeChef tonight. Scallops are my favorite.

I often think about the Synology sitting upstairs, waiting to fail in some way. I dread these thoughts enough that I’m considering replacing the whole thing with a big (relatively) simple RAID setup of some sort instead. No “apps”. Crazy?

I published The Lathe #5 this morning so I guess the newsletter thing is still happening.

It really is a Remarkable tablet:…

A Remarkable Tablet

You’ll find a paper notebook near me most of the time. Writing on paper helps me remember things better than typing notes into an app on a computer. Because I’m a visual thinker, writing on paper helps me find things later. I tend to remember, spacially, where I write things; as in, “It’s in the lower left corner toward the front.”

I thought Apple’s iPad and Pencil would be ideal for taking notes. They aren’t. The combination of iPad and Pencil is an amazing bit of technology, but using an iPad as a notebook sucks. Writing on an iPad feels like using a somewhat clumsy input device through glass onto a computer. I tried the screen covers that are supposed to make writing on an iPad feel more like paper. They don’t. And worse, the rest of the iPad’s features (along with the entire internet) are always right there, lurking behind the glass, waiting to distract me.

The reMarkable tablet is billed as “the only tablet that feels like paper,” so I was of course intrigued. Skeptical, but curious. I wondered if it could really replace my paper notebooks even after the iPad failed.

Turns out that, yes, it can.

I love the reMarkable tablet, and here’s why.

It really does feel a lot like paper. The first time I wrote on it I was like, “Woah, that’s nice!” It’s enough like paper that I’m not distracted by how it feels.

I love the hardware. The device looks and feels great. Solid. It’s as thin as a half-used legal pad. The pen is light but not too light. And speaking of the pen, I bought the fancy one with an “eraser”. The eraser takes a minute to get used to, but is exactly the right thing. The pen doesn’t use a battery, so there’s never that fear of not being able to write because I forgot to charge it.

I love the look of the screen. It looks like paper. There’s no backlight, which many consider a missing feature. I don’t. It’s very easy on the eyes. It’s cool that I can choose the type of “paper”. No more fretting about which type of notebook to buy. Should I choose lined paper or do I go with a dot grid pattern? Doesn’t matter, now I can have all of them any time I want.

Battery life is great. The battery lasts long enough so that I’m not always thinking about the battery. I charged mine a couple days ago and it’s now at 87%.

It’s always ready. Using an iPad for writing is acceptable if I’m specifically sitting down to write for a while, but it’s less useful for general note taking. The reMarkable is always ready. I have mine set to sleep after 20 minutes. If it does happen to fall asleep while I’m thinking or doing something else, I just tap the button at the top left and it’s ready to go in less than a second. The iPad, on the other hand, needs to sleep much sooner if I want the battery to last through a couple of meetings. And when the iPad does fall asleep (as it always does) I have to tap to wake, then swipe up, then lean over so FaceID works (and it often doesn’t, so then I must also enter my pass code). This makes the iPad an unacceptable replacement for paper. The always-ready feeling of the reMarkable might be the most meaningful difference between it and the iPad. It’s not as ready as paper, but it’s close.

I love the lack of features. What I love most about the reMarkable tablet is what it doesn’t do, which is just about everything. There’s nothing else there1. I can write and organize notes and sketches. That’s it. There’s nothing lurking behind a swipe or a notification. If I want, I can see all my notes on the companion apps on my Mac and iOS devices. I can convert my handwriting to text and email it to myself. That’s how I wrote this post, in fact. It worked great.

reMarkable 2 Tablet

Many of the reviews I’ve read have focused on all the features that the reMarkable 2 doesn’t have. They miss the fact that those missing features are the greatest feature of the reMarkable. The reMarkable tablet is not much more than a stack of flexible notebooks, and that’s all I wanted.

  1. Well, I can read and write on PDFs but that is likely something I will only occasionally do. [return]

Grey Matter (On Leica and Monochrom cameras) - Macfilos

Roderick Field:

I have, in retrospect, invested unreasonably heavily in Leica cameras and lenses. I am easily drawn towards the pursuit of excellence and have always loved learning and exploration (as well as online shopping). I am a fan of the optimum – how good can it be? I need to know.

Roderick has written my currently-evolving Leica story for me.

Well @BestofTimes now I have also ordered a Q2 Monochrom!

I haven’t listened to anything by Edie Brickell since “What I am” was everywhere in 1988. Their new record, “Hunter and the Dog Star” is fun and I like it.

One of these is flexible, hi-res, and has bluetooth and wifi. One of them always works.

Has anyone else watched Friday Night Dinner because I just watched the first two episodes and laughed…a lot. Should I be embarrassed by that?

I’m so happy I found CleanShot X. It’s the first screenshot utility that does everything I want and leaves me nothing to complain about.