I’ve officially stopped loving The Mandalorian. For a while I thought its episodic nature was refreshing but now I’m feeling it’s repetitive and a teensy bit boring. The past 3 episodes have not advanced a thing.

Mike Johnston uses an appropriate caption, which is nice to see.

I’ve been putting short posts directly on mastodon and I’m not sure why I started doing that.

First thought about Roam is that it’s Workflowy+TheBrain+TiddlyWiki. If it can strike the right mix, my current process is screwed.

Young people are actually pretty nice. I got into a mildly heated discussion with a young gal online. She told me I was an Ok Boomer and I thought that was very sweet.

When I pay full price a few days after “Cyber Monday” I feel like I’ve won because I’m playing the game my way dammit!

My M3 is on its way home after CLA and repairs. Don sent some photos of the process. I wish I had the guts, tools, and talent to work on things like this.

I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything

– Charles Darwin

It’s been a week of Darwin Days for me, but I’m slowly coming out of it.

I was always working steady
I never called it art
I got my shit together
meeting Christ and reading Marx
It failed my little fire
But it’s bright the dying spark.

This posthumous collection from Leonard Cohen is sad and beautiful.

You know how there are certain games that can sell a video game system? Are there any Linux-only apps that do that for Linux?

Focus Check.

I feel like tinkering so I’m setting up a little pop-up portrait studio in my basement today. Up next, some simple lighting.

My wiki has turned mostly into a collection of short notes and thoughts that aren’t really meant to be public but kind of are. So much for a deep, intricately linked hypermedia space encompassing everything, eh?

Never let me near an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. OMG I may never eat again. (At least not until the popcorn chicken I have in the toaster oven is ready)

I’ve gotta say, using Ghost for blogging this past week has been an entirely pleasant experience.

I can make shitty photographs with any camera, so why not make them with a nice one?

“Every machine is as individual as a set of fingerprints. So, every time you type something on a typewriter, it is a one-of-a-kind work of art.”

Tom Hanks

I don’t care about posterity. I won’t be there anyway

Werner Herzog

Herzog’s the best.

I don’t enjoy Instagram stories nearly as much now that everyone plasters stickers and shit all over them.

I think she’s bored this morning

Met Steve today

The internet is exhausting my good humor, so this is the phone I’m bringing with me today.

I don’t rely on Apple Photos but I do use it. It’s been like this for a week. Tried all the usual fixes. Sigh.

By all means, whenever you don’t have a thoughtful response to someone, simply insult them based on whichever generation they happen to fall into.

FFS now half of the posts on a Twitter thread are “unroll” posts for that very thread.

I’d like to see more websites like the one by Jeff Bridges