Over-complicating things is my superpower

If you post an article even remotely date-sensitive, please include the publication date somewhere in or around the article. In fact, add the date even if it doesn’t seem relevant, because it is always relevant.

This is a terrific record.

I missed an important task this week due to overwrought OmniFocus Perspectives. This is what happens when I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer wondering what I should make “better”. Some days it feels like my whole life is an overwrought perspective. :)

So many choices! (I went with Lizard of Koz, “Deep Cut”)

A few years ago, we created Journey Jug. I just cracked another one open and will fill it with Founders’ “Lizard of Koz” today.

Follow along with my jug’s story

My willingness to try living with Windows is an indication of how much I dislike my 2016 MacBook Pro. It’s a mostly nice machine, but the keyboard is the single worst thing I’ve ever typed on, and the Touch Bar is so useless as to be annoying. Those are borderline deal-breakers.

I want everything to be in One Place™ but I’m unable to choose that place. Well, that’s not exactly true…I’m unable to choose any single place for more than a week or two in a row. This means I have about a dozen One Places™ and maybe I should just give up trying.


I haven’t felt like shooting film lately and it makes me sad