An aspect of TiddlyWiki that I find exciting is the ability to copy and paste tiddlers, macros, styles, etc. from other people’s TiddlyWiki files in order to learn from them and remix them into something else. It reminds me of the early days of web development.

I learned that first version of TiddlyWiki was released 20th September 2004. Here’s what it looked like.

I love the fman file manager but it doesn’t have Emacs keybindings or a plugin to add them so I made one myself and now I love fman even more.

My brush with Greta Van Fleet, Sept 14, 2017 before they performed at a nearby club. They probably hadn’t even heard of SNL then. :).

There are always empty Diet Coke cans nearby.

Aidan playing sax in the jazz band he put together called “Groove Essentials 3.0”

Sometimes when I reload the feed there’s nothing new. Guess it’s time to follow more people!

Charlie, my nemesis…some days

Emacs update: I’ve been using my home-rolled config with stock Emacs (non-evil) bindings for 3 days and I’m getting better but still hate it. Also, all my documents now have things like “:w” and “kkkkk” everywhere.

By default, Emacs considers a period followed by two spaces or by a newline as the end of a sentence; a period followed by just one space indicates an abbreviation, not the end of a sentence.

I guess that’s settled then.